A Collective Blooming (2020)
The Rise Of The Mutual Aid Community

Somewhere along the way, we lost touch with each other. And unless we rediscover the communal bonds that define us as human beings, then we face the very real prospect of an increasingly dystopian future.


In A Collective Blooming, Joe Lightfoot deconstructs the dominant stories of the day. He puts forward a bold new narrative of community focused transformation and introduces the Conscious Change Collective, a whole new kind of mutual aid community. A Collective Blooming is an invitation to join the compassionate wave of change that is gaining momentum all around the world. It’s a book that not only describes the inner journey towards becoming a true Community Creature, but also offers up the practical steps for how to get there.

“This book is the embodiment of a warm and encouraging friend who genuinely cares about you, our worlds, and the collectives you might co-create. Which is just as well! Such work is complex, vital, and fraught with peril. I'm personally incredibly grateful for this book. Timely, uplifting and apt—it's already changed my life (and, I suspect, saved me much anguish—a boon!). If you seek to foster the sensibility and savvy to go about delicate work of cultivating community with wit and grace, I can think of no better companion.”

Dr Jason Fox, wizard and bestselling author of How to Lead a Quest

"The message at the heart of these pages is clear: our wellbeing is entirely dependent on connection and community.  It’s a simple concept, but one that is of fundamental importance as we seek to build a better world." 

Helena Norberg-Hodge, Founder & Director of Local Futures and author of Ancient Futures: Learning From Ladakh

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