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A Collective Blooming (2020)
The Rise Of The Mutual Aid Community

“This book is the embodiment of a warm and encouraging friend who genuinely cares about you, our worlds, and the collectives you might co-create. Which is just as well! Such work is complex, vital, and fraught with peril. I'm personally incredibly grateful for this book. Timely, uplifting and apt—it's already changed my life (and, I suspect, saved me much anguish—a boon!). If you seek to foster the sensibility and savvy to go about the delicate work of cultivating community with wit and grace, I can think of no better companion.” Dr Jason Fox, wizard and bestselling author

An Introduction: This Book In A Nutshell


Part I. Wicked Problems: Our Call To Adventure

1. The Age Of Alienation: Becoming Hyper-Individuals

2. And Then It Collapsed: Civilisation As The Ultimate Pyramid Scheme


Part II. Evolving Our Narrative: The Stories That Will Shape Our World 

3. The Grandest Tale: Our One True Superpower

4. The Last Gasps Of Neoliberalism 

5. Flirting With The F Word: The Radical Populist Resurgence

6. What Lies Beneath: The Hungry Ghosts Of Hollow Materialism

7. The Age Of Algorithms: A Transhumanist’s Wet Dream

8. A Time Of Togetherness: An Emergent Consensus 

9. A Collective Blooming: Towards The Compassionate Global Village


Part III - Imagining The Conscious Change Collective

10. The Story Of Us: A Thought Experiment

11. Find The Others: Start A Collective

12. Coming Home: The Many Benefits Of Getting Collective

13. The 2020’s: A Perfect Storm For A Collective Emergence

14. The Who: Not Just For Millennials

15. Where It Can Take Us: Collective Dreams Of Tomorrow


Part IV. The Path Of Transformation: Finding Our Way Back To Community

16. Tawai: Modernities Missing Secret Sauce

17. The Ultimate Petri Dish: Create Your Own Culture

18. Mirrored & Seen: The Wisdom Of 100 Eyes

19. Enter The Dojo: Becoming A Community Creature

20. Collective Incubation: Finding Your Ikigai

21. Atlas2: Easing The Weight Of The World 

22. Trust Networks: The One True Currency


In Conclusion: Let The Experiments Begin

Appendix I - The Finer Details: The FAQ’s Of Getting Collective

Appendix II - Where To Learn More

Appendix III - Collective Bonding Projects 

"The message at the heart of these pages is clear: our wellbeing is entirely dependent on connection and community.  It’s a simple concept, but one that is of fundamental importance as we seek to build a better world." Helena Norberg-Hodge, Founder & Director of Local Futures and author of Ancient Futures: Learning From Ladakh

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