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Appendix II - Where To Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about weaving mutual aid communities then I recommend the following resources:

  • Richard Bartletts Microsolidarity Proposal as well as The Microsolidarity Loomio Group

  • The Community Canvas website (

  • The Community Builders Facebook Group

  • The website of Enspiral, a mutual aid community based in New Zealand (

  • The book Being The Change by Terry Patten, Siobhan McClory & Kristin Nauth

  • The book A Different Drum by M. Scott Peck

And for a further exploration of the intersection between the existential threats we face as a species, community building and the movement towards a new societal narrative, I recommend reading this list of books (in order of publication date):

  • Bildung by Lene Rachel Anderson

  • Sand Talk By Tyson Yunkaporta

  • The Listening Society & The Nordic Ideaology by Hanzi Frienacht

  • The Politics Of Belonging by George Monbiot

  • How Soon Is Now by Daniel Pinchbeck

  • Tribe by Sebastian Junger

  • Social Ecology & Communalism by Murray Bookchin

  • Beyond Civilisation by Daniel Quinn


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