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8. A Time Of Togetherness: An Emergent Consensus

There is an alternative consensus emerging with many philosophers, economists and social theorists all appear to be arriving at a very similar conclusion. Essentially that we need to embrace an entirely new narrative based on the overarching principle of compassionate togetherness and then reengineer our society from the ground up.

Here is just a small selection (in alphabetical order) of some of the many new narratives emerging:

  • The Commons Economy & P2P Culture - Michel Bauwens & The P2P Foundation

  • Communalism & Social Ecology - Murray Bookchin

  • The Emergence Of Regenerative Culture - Magenta Ceiba & The Bloom Network. As well as Daniel Christian Wahl

  • The Progressive International - Ada Colau, Bernie Sanders, Yanis Varakoulous & Cornel West.

  • The Mythology of Interbeing - Charles Eiesenstein & Thich Nhat Hanh

  • The Listening Society & Metamodernism - Hanzi Frienhacht

  • The Great Turning - Joanna Macy

  • The New Human Rights Movement & The Resource Based Economy - Peter Joseph & TZM

  • A Politics Of Belonging - George Monbiot

  • The Web Of Meaning - Jeremy Lent

  • Local Futures: An Economics Of Happiness - Helena Norberg-Hodge

  • Earth Democracy & Seeding A Common Future - Vandana Shiva

  • The Extinction Rebellion & Climate Activists such as Greta Thunberg

While each of these narratives proposes a slightly different approach to reforming our social, economic and political systems, they all share a similar set of underlying values, and they each point towards a a future that is:

  • Regenerative

  • Collaborative

  • Community Based

  • Networked

  • Planetary In Scope

  • Interdependent

  • Empathic

  • Pluralist

  • Integrative

  • Anti Rivalrous

  • Participatory

  • Peer to Peer

  • Open Source

I like to think of this emerging vision for the future of our society as being a kind of Compassionate Global Village. And in the name of a healthy, diverse and yet philosophically aligned collection of new narratives that might help realise such a world, I’d now like to introduce one more, A Collective Blooming.



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