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 A Little About Me...

  • I was born in London on a brisk autumn morning 35 years ago.
  • I aim to keep my feet on rational ground and my head in the clouds of the mystic unknown.
  • I have a mild fear of kites and struggle with feeling overly responsible for things outside of my control. This can take me away from the moment.
  • I have to move slowly through my days and be extra careful with how I spend my energy or else I tend to end up drained. This is a largely invisible part of my world that often leads me to feel somewhat misunderstood. I'm constantly working to improve my stamina.
  • I'm deeply enamoured with the Enneagram. I'm a 2 wing 3.
  • I've been described as being passionate, charming, committed, generous and deep. Which in my lesser moments can equate to being overly exuberant, guileful, having unrealistic expectations of myself and others, lacking in self care and coming across as pretentious.
  • I've had three major phases of my adult life so far. They include The Young High Achiever Phase (18-22), The Esoteric Questing & Dark Night Of The Soul Phase (23-27) and The Community Cultivator Phase (28-34).
  • The seeds for this most recent phase were planted back in 2008 during a chance encounter with a tribesman in Central Brazil.
  • I'm often found in either Melbourne (Australia) or sitting on rocks in Chiang Mai (Thailand). 
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 A Little About My Work...

I'm dedicated towards cultivating new kinds of mutual aid community. I also create of books, articles, podcasts and conversational forums that explore similar themes. I'm hugely inspired by emergence of a truly regenerative planetary culture and I'm fascinated by the inner journey of transformation that seems to be required for each of us to fully show up for this system wide metamorphosis. I chose to frame this process as one of becoming Communal Creatures. If you're wondering exactly what it means to be a Community Creature, then hold tight, because that's the topic of my next book. Here's what I've been up to over the last few years:
Some of the thinkers that I've been most influenced during this phase include Murray Bookchin, Hanzi Frienacht, Rianne Eisler, Daniel Quinn (particularly Beyond Civilisation), M. Scott Peck (particularly A Different Drum), Christopher Ryan (particularly Civilised to Death) and Tyson Yunkaporta.
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