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We Hold The Keys To Each Other's Genius

I find it beautiful to consider that we hold the keys to each other's genius. It’s a really intimate thing to realise we are so profoundly shaped and brought to blossom by those closest to us. Look at Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood for instance. What are the odds that two high school friends would go on to to become one of the most powerful vocalists and one of the most celebrated composers of their generation?

It seems clear to me that the two of them have profoundly influenced each other along the way, brought out one another's brilliance and flown together to heights perhaps unimaginable by themselves. The same might be said of the Beatles and countless other musicians and artists.

This suggests to me that we have the potential to unleash untold greatness in those we commune with. And to have it unleashed in us. That in many ways our development is a profoundly transpersonal process that reaches far beyond the scope of our own individual limits and bounds. This is a dynamic that is all too easy to overlook, especially in this era of hyper-individuality.

Such reflections inspire me to keep finding the others with whom I share such alchemy. The precious kin who fit my lock and for whom I hold the key. Who knows what seeds of wonderment we will plant in each others imaginal soil.


Joe Lightfoot is a writer, podcaster and apprentice community weaver. He is the author of A Collective Blooming: The Rise Of The Mutual Aid Community and the host of The Lightfoot Podcast. You can find him on Facebook & Twitter.


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