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An Invitation To Visit The Meta Village

Community Blueprint by Juan Schlosser (Bio Arc)

You are most cordially invited to come and join us in The Meta Village. It's a liminal space (or Club) on the Clubhouse platform, a community of practice for the fine art of Dialogos, an emergent trust network and diaphanous idea dojo where each of us is invited to lovingly challenge our assumptions and radically evolve our conceptions of reality. Think of it as a digital Solarpunk settlement filled with the kinds of people with whom you may feel most at home. A place where we can find the others and humbly practice embodying the most multifaceted version of ourselves.

We host regular discussions and dialogues with all sorts of thinkers and feelers from our surrounding noosphere and you can receive email updates of these events by signing up to The Meta Village Missive.

It’s a watering hole where Philosophers, Artists, Lovers, Poets, Hippies, Hackers, Hermetics, Hipsters, Complexity Geeks, Psychonauts, Neotribalists, Solarpunks, Metamodernists and Sense Makers of all types can come to try out new ways of connecting and co-regulating with each other in the name of gently expanding the limits of online community cultivation. A place of healing, growth, laughter, integration, insight and big ideas. We approach this project of stealing, seducing and healing the culture with the greatest reverence and respect, but we will strive not to take ourselves too seriously along the way.

Participating in the Meta Village is an invitation to step into liminality, to see and be seen in all our confounding and majestic human-ness and co-create a global web of regenerative mental mycelium.

Topics of interest include:

- Metamodernism

- The Numinous

- The Meta-Crisis

- Parts Integration

- Sense Making

- Contemplative Practice

- Microsolidarity

- Relational Practice & Sexuality

- Wisdom Traditions

- Communitas Cultivation

- Shadow Work

- Neotribalism

- Art, Music, Prose & Poetry

- Solarpunk

- Networked Cooperativism

- The (r)Evolution

- Dogecoin (!!??)

Our Guiding Values Are:

- Realness

- Kindness

- Courage

- Embodied Awareness

Our end goal is to cultivate a high level of trust with one another and craft a container where we all feel safe to be vulnerable, which may then better allow us to see ourselves reflected in one another and become more aware of our many blindspots and in-congruencies. A kind of gentle collective co-therapy experience where slowly over time we confide in one another and compassionately encourage each other to lean into those areas that we might have been unable or too afraid to stay with for very long on our own.

Hopefully this process will then encourage us to own as many of our parts as possible, and enable us to show up as the conflicted, messy and wonderfully courageous beings we all seem to be underneath the various masks we are often required to wear in the modern world. Admittedly this is a very high bar for clubhouse, which make this a most bold experiment. But we’re up for it if you are and believe that the positive ripples of change which may emerge from this project could be far reaching and profound.

We won’t always fully succeed in being real with ourselves and each other in kind and constructive ways, in fact in certain moments we may fall well short of this ideal, but that’s ok too, this is a learning space and the idea is that we just keep leaning into the process with curiosity while offering each other as much loving presence and support as we can muster along the way. So let’s all walk each other home one Clubhouse room at a time.

To find your way to The Meta Village you will need to download the Clubhouse App and search for The Meta Village Club. At present it's only accessible through iPhone but will soon be coming to Android as well. We look forward to meeting you there.

Warmest Regards,


Majordomo Of The Meta Village

Joe Lightfoot is a writer, podcaster and apprentice community weaver. He is the author of A Collective Blooming: The Rise Of The Mutual Aid Community and the host of The Lightfoot Podcast. You can sign up to his newsletter The Lightfoot Letter and find him on Facebook & Twitter.


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